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I am planning my wedding & I will be doing NaNoWriMo in Novemeber. I have a turtle to learn to care for. Im from Alabama, Roll Tide Roll(:. I have a CRAZY life & I love every minute of it

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tanks and Decorations

We'll we decided not to set up the tank the other day because it really wasnt big enough, but we got the big 60 gallon one. So when Jesse, my Fiancee(He proposed last night!), gets home we will get the big tank set up. Its a lotta work, especially since we havent got any rocks or a filter, or like anything else, other then the tank with a platform and heater(maybe, it got pretty wet when it started to rain on the way home). Charles is happier right now though, we put some water into his little tank, and he seems to be doing swimmingly :) haha.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, he isn't very happy right now, because he is in that small cage that he came with, but we have an aquarium for him, its only 20 gallons (i think) so he will outgrow it fast.. actually according to the Turtle websites ive been on your supposed to have 15 gallons of water per inch of turtle, hes 1 1/2 inches. so he needs about 22 gallons ... but tanks are expensive and he will get the bigger one when he needs it ( we got it from my boyfriends mom & they have a bigger one not in use so when Charles needs it we can get it ) I have to put it together today, because he does not like the little tank thing he is in now. So Ill be back on here later blogging about how that goes. & posting pictures.

Hopeing I can make a Turtle Tank,